Yayzy climate impact API helps you integrate the most advance environment science and carbon footprint tracking technology to help your customers manage and offset their environmental impact from within your mobile application.

Use cases

• Automatically calculate the carbon footprint of consumer spending in real time
• Enhance bank transactions with easy-to-understand sustainability data to help your customers make better spending decisions
• Leverage Yayzy's powerful categorization engine, and categorize bank transactions into 100+ impact categories
• Personalize carbon footprint with user preferences such as diet type etc.
• Offer high-quality third-party certified carbon offset projects, that also advance UN sustainable development goals, plant trees and offset carbon footprint.

Emissions calculation methodology

Yayzy developed the most advanced algorithm to calculate an individual’s carbon footprint. Yayzy carbon footprint algo uses data science to identify the sources of greenhouse gases emissions (GHG) within payments data and match them against the best greenhouse gas intensity factor to get the most accurate and bespoke estimation of a person’s carbon footprint.

To compute the most accurate carbon footprint estimation, the Yayzy carbon footprint algo matches payment information on a product, retailer or subcategory level against the appropriate greenhouse gas intensity factor. The more granular the data, the more accurate the estimation.

The Yayzy API incorporates lifestyle data to increase the accuracy of the carbon footprint estimation, including:
• Diet type: vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, low-meat eater, medium-meat eater, and high-meat eater
• Flight cabin class: economy, business and first
• Car engine type: petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric

It also incorporates the merchant’s carbon footprint commitments to climate change:
• Net zero: reduced emissions significantly
• Carbon neutral: offset emissions directly
• Carbon neutral pledge: disclosed a pledge to become carbon neutral by a certain timeline

Money spent (£) * GHG emission intensity factor (kg of CO2e / £) = Carbon Footprint (kg of CO2e)

Sources of environmental data

Yayzy keeps integrating sources of payments data to increase the accuracy of the carbon footprint estimation. Yayzy carbon footprint algo sources Green House Gas intensity factors from  Vitalmetrics, UK Government Guidelines for Carbon Footprint reportingExiobase 3, and United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization.

The greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity factors are sourced mainly from VitalMetrics’ Comprehensive Environmental Data Archive (CEDA), a suite of environmental input-output (IO) databases that are designed to assist various environmental systems analyses, including life cycle assessments (LCA), carbon footprinting, water footprinting, and sustainable spend analyses. CEDA quantifies products’ natural resources use and environmental emissions throughout their life cycles by connecting input-output tables, which represent the entire supply-chain network of an economy.

For specific use cases we get additional user inputs to increase the accuracy of the carbon footprint estimation. As an example, in order to increase the accuracy of air travel, you can input departure airport, arrival airport, and cabin class, then the Yayzy carbon footprint algo will compute the carbon footprint using fuel consumption by aircraft type for your specific journey.

Yayzy follows best-in-class carbon footprint methodologies that are followed by publicly listed corporations and tailors it for you.

Proof of concept

See the Yayzy API in action with the Yayzy App.

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