This API makes it easy for you to collect your customers flight information that can be used to further personalize the flight carbon footprint

Get all airports

Get a list of all airports, the airport code and airport ID.

Example response

    "total": 8107,
    "data": [
            "_id": "6218b012ba28c21aa5a40a10",
            "name": "San Diego Old Town Transit Center",
            "city": "San Diego",
            "iata": "OLT"
            "_id": "6218b012ba28c21aa5a40a0f",
            "name": "Deer Harbor Seaplane",
            "city": "Deer Harbor",
            "iata": "DHB"
            "_id": "6218b012ba28c21aa5a40a0e",
            "name": "Sullivan Bay Water Aerodrome",
            "city": "Sullivan Bay",
            "iata": "YTG"
            "_id": "6218b012ba28c21aa5a40a0d",
            "name": "Port McNeill Airport",
            "city": "Port McNeill",
            "iata": "YMP"
            "_id": "6218b012ba28c21aa5a40a0c",
            "name": "Mansons Landing Water Aerodrome",
            "city": "Mansons Landing",
            "iata": "YMU"
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